January Crush – 01/08/2011


Young Blood Gallery and Boutique proudly presents “Anima & Animus,” a group exhibition show featuring artwork depicting animals as manifestations of the subconscious.
“I believe this show represents a strong mix of work that is moving, irreverent, edgy and traditional.  This variety will enhance the inherent connection between the work, allowing viewers to compare and contrast approaches,” says Jim O’Donnell, curator.

The show will display an array of artist approaches addressing the themes of spirituality, self-image, relationships, emotions, and modern life. An exciting blend of works ranging from large-scale drawings to mythological sculptures to surrealist-like compositions can all be found at the show.


Karen Cleveland, Ben Goldman, Kelly O’Brien, Sam Parker, Chloe Alexander, Tamara Argo, Amelia Netto, Kurt Raschke, Katie Reising, Marcy Starz , Rachel Lambert, Melissa Bigler, James O’Donnell, Angela Topetzes, and Blaine Watson.

As Chinese New Year approaches, we’re kicking things off with a artwork for The Year of the Rabbit.  Artists include:

Tim Boyd, Baxter Crane, Patrick Davis, Heather Elder, Becky Furey, Mike Germon, Ann-Marie Manker, Kelly McKernan, Stenvik Mostrom, Nathan Phaneuf, Sanithna Phansavanh, J.R. Schulz, Travis Smith, Marci Starz, Jason Travis


A portfolio of hand pulled prints, curated and organized by Curtis Bartone and Jennifer Jenkins, including artists:

Dale Clifford, Oscar Gillespie, Mirka Hokkanen, Mark Hosford, Eun Lee, Loy McWhirter, Bert Menco, Heather Muise, Ashley Nason, Peter Olson, Ryan Place, Benjamin Stanley, Jonathan Yoerger, Curtis Bartone, Jennifer Jenkins.

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