Beep Beep

Beep Beep Gallery was started in January 2006 by three local art enthusiasts, James McConnell, Steven Rauber and Mark Basehore. The first art show debuted at James’ and Steve’s house in Oakhurst Village, an intown Atlanta neighborhood just outside of Decatur.  The name of the gallery has many rumored origins, none of which have ever been confirmed by the Creator. Some say it is merely the sound a primitive robot might make, while others insist it refers to the very emergence of language itself.

Their first opening was a group show featuring mostly their friend’s artwork. After holding four art openings out of their house, as well as a show hosted by Radial,  they rebirthed the gallery in a commercial space which formerly housed Sister Louisa’s Gallery and then L’Avenue Gallery. With L’Avenue closing its doors, an opportunity presented itself for Baby Beep to grow in a new womb.

Beep Beep Gallery re-opened in August 2006 with the Robots! Having found success with their first show at the new storefront, the gallery owners, aided by their trusty interns, continued holding monthly art shows with their vision of creating a place for local artists, writers, musicians, and zinesters to show and support each other’s work.

The gallery has, since then, exhibited original works by many emerging and established Atlanta-based artists.   The gallery also now proudly displays locally-made zines, buttons, t-shirts, records, books, stickers, Evereman merchandise, tables and other crafty treasures for sale.

With a keen interest in the local music scene, Beep Beep has also housed concerts by esteemed local acts such as Noot d’ Noot, Fox Trotsky, and Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause.  DJ Infrared and DJ Dookie Platters have kindly provided the musical backdrop for the gallery openings since its conception. The gallery hopes to show and support more musicians and bands throughout this year.

We hope to continue to grow along with Atlanta’s burgeoning art scene and to maintain our committal to showing strong work by emerging local artists.


696 Charles Ave.
Atlanta, GA | 30308
(404) 313-5722
Hours: Wed – Sat 12-6pm

James | | Co-Owner
Mark | | Co-Owner


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